Movie Review: The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)

This was not the girl power movie I was not expecting to come out of 2018 but gosh darn was I glad I got it.

What do you get when cookie cutter rom-com writers take a look at successful irreverent movies likeĀ Kingsman? This movie. I bet.

Okay, so this movie is littered with cliches including the cooky best friend who. But this is at least a fun take on that. Kate McKinnon’s character really feels like she was written to be the gun hanging on the wall with a quirk for every situation to save them. She’s very unbelievable as a character but McKinnon is a treasure and at least the best friend isn’t some crying sap who was just dumped and may get the dumpy not great friend/cousin/neighbor/guy at the drive-thru at the end of the movie with absolutely no real development.

Big fan of Mila Kunis being low-key competent. She does not a half bad job selling civilian who flips into fight mode. She also plays well with McKinnon and is funny so really that’s all I’m asking for.

Cute Sam Heughan is cute. Yay. Cute Hasan Minhaj is cute and so darn believable in his role. I struggled to dislike him because, it’s Hasan, but he made me.

The plot was yeah sure fine. Just on par with good spy movies and better than late middle aged guy jumps from something to something while saying something that should sound cool but sounds really unnatural 17.

Verdict: 4/5, and it holds up upon a second viewing so watch it by yourself even if you promised to watch it at the next movie night with a friend


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