Completely Turned Off

For my job I have to tell every single person I work with to “Please turn off any cell phones you have with you.” A simple enough request you would think. But it isn’t.

I often will hear a vibration during the session. “Can you make sure your phone is completely off?” I ask. “It’s on vibrate. Is that okay?” they reply. No. No it isn’t. “We need it completely off,” I reply.

Other times I will see them turn their phones back on or see screens light up. I have to be the bad guy and firmly remind them.

“But this is my work phone,” they will occasionally shoot back. Hey, not my fault you are supposed to be working and put yourself in this situation.

People like this make me grumble but they are individual problems. There is a whole different breed of people I come across that make me truly worried. These are the people who don’t know how to turn off. Two different types of people fit into this category and they both scare me.

First, I come across people who literally do not know how to turn their phone off. They confide that they have never once had to power it off. These people have never been in a situation they felt required no phone access. They look at me sheepishly for help. And this isn’t just older generations. This includes people younger than I am.

Second, there are people who honestly don’t seem to know what off means when it comes to their phones. I will say, “Turn your phone off.” They will respond, “It’s on vibrate. Does it need to be on silent?” Sometimes they will even ask if I mean airplane mode. As if the concept of the power actually turning off will never have crossed their minds.

(Side note: Sometimes I will tell people to turn their phones off and they will dejectedly inform me that it is dead. As if this is the only time a phone could be completely powered down.)

The two groups scare me for one reason. In their recent and current lives these people seem to have never been in situations where they can’t press a button and see notifications. I imagine these people at a funeral quietly checking to see if someone posted to Twitter, looking at a snap during their daughter’s wedding, obsessively checking for a texted reply as they sit in a meeting where their boss explains about the unfortunate need to downsize. At any given point in time these people could be looking for distraction and they know the option is always there.

Impulse becomes controlled only by the individual. The only thing standing between these people and constant disengagement from the real world is their self-control. And I doubt the strength of the self-control of anyone who has never turned their phone off.


Pilot Review: Selfie

In a world of short titles that do nothing for the viewer but provide the laziest of context, “Selfie” is not the worst and it certainly is relevant. I’m willing to admit to watching a show by that name to my colleagues. But then again, I’m not known for my taste in television.

If you had a negative knee jerk reaction to the title and are thinking about skipping this half hour of programming please let me convince you otherwise.

The show’s premise is a re-imagining of “My Fair Lady” for the 21st century. Instead of the obvious of option turning a hick into a suave socialite the writers came up with something a little more unique and far more appropriate. What they give us is the story of a young, hot, internet famous girl and a workaholic man with no time for socializing.

Continue reading

Questions Answered too Easily

I recently went to the library and took out a book that was all about diamonds. It smelled like learning, it felt like knowledge, it read like self-betterment, and it let me understand something. Learning has evolved past the need to sit in the stacks and turn pages and that is quite alright with me.

You see, I learned about cut, clarity, color, and caret and I learned about historically significant stones, but I didn’t lean a lick about modern creation techniques or how they keep a now common stone at luxury status. Why was that? Because the only book in the entire library about diamonds was published in the 1980s.

And when I had further questions the book didn’t offer easily followed paths for further exploration. It didn’t offer hyper-linked references. Instead, I had to track down material that was out of print and out of date and I soon lost any desire I had for further learning. Continue reading

Episode Review: Bachelor in Paradise, Week 6

Don’t skip to the last chapter in this book! Catch up on episodes 1, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, and 5. We start with 6 couples (In order of most real seeming and least real seeming)

  • Marcus and Lacy whom I will be referring to as Macy
  • Sarah and Robert
  • Michelle and Cody
  • Zack and Jackie
  • AshLee and Graham
  • Christy and Tasos

The couples are threatened with a test. They have to have a chat about the real world. Can they survive after the show as a couple? If not then they will have to break up and leave. They split up by gender and start discussing things and Michelle decides that Graham needs to dump AshLee. Michelle runs off to tell him as much and AshLee thinks she is going to talk to him about Cody because her best friend couldn’t possibly have any issues with the perfect couple in the house. Delusional, crazy chick. Continue reading

Episode Review: Bachelor in Paradise, Week 5

Not the episode you wanted to start with? Here are episodes 1, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2. Enjoy!

It’s ladies choice! What we start with

  • Robert and Sarah as still playing couple.
  • Graham keeps AshLee.
  • Cody picks Michelle and she agrees even though she is slamming on the breaks in their relationship.
  • Macy, or Marcus and Lacy, are going strong.
  • Zack and Jackie pair up.
  • Jesse and Christy remember each other’s names.

New Arrivals

  • Brooks, Des’s Season
  • Tasos, Andi’s Season

Date 1: Marcus gets to “Choose a Lacy” for his date. Marcus has told her that he both loves her and is in love with her but Continue reading