Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL (2015)

Don’t judge me for going to see the stripper movie. I read romance novels in public. I judge myself so much that I’m immune once I face the public.

And I kind of wish this movie was just two hours of hot guys stripping. “Go see an actual show,” you may say. No. I don’t do social things. I don’t have friends to do that with. I draw the line Continue reading


Movie Review: American Ultra (2015)

Why in the world did I think I would like this move? What did I think I would uncover to make this movie my type of movie? I have heard this movie is for people who like action movie and Pineapple Express. I don’t like either of those things. It has Kristen Stewart in it. I don’t like her. It has Jesse Eisenberg in it. Oh, that’s why.

I have an odd attraction to the guy. Or, at least I thought I did. I enjoyed Jesse Continue reading

Movie Review: Fantastic Four (2015)

The movie wasn’t a fantastic bore but it should have been. It did pretty much nothing to save itself from the terrible pun I wish I could throw at it. And I am not saying the movie was good. It wasn’t. It really wasn’t. I can’t even really tell you why it wasn’t but I will surely try.

I think what makes me hesitant to disparage this movie was the characters.

It wasn’t the acting. The acting wasn’t bad. It just was Continue reading