Movie Review: American Ultra (2015)

Why in the world did I think I would like this move? What did I think I would uncover to make this movie my type of movie? I have heard this movie is for people who like action movie and Pineapple Express. I don’t like either of those things. It has Kristen Stewart in it. I don’t like her. It has Jesse Eisenberg in it. Oh, that’s why.

I have an odd attraction to the guy. Or, at least I thought I did. I enjoyed Jesse in The Social Network and Now You See Me and wait…I don’t like him. I like him when he is playing entitled, douchey, successful guys who get the girls in spite of not being traditionally hot. I was an idiot to think I would like loser, stoner Jesse. I didn’t like loser, stoner James Franco and that man is lovely. Yeah, poor choice making on my part here.

Really, the movie wasn’t bad…objectively. And I will try to be objective in this review.

Kristen was surprisingly bearable. This is probably due to their playing to her strengths of being a stoner and an emotional disaster.

Jesse was exactly what they needed the character to be which was so not hot but objectively acted just fine.

Walton Goggins was actually quite impressive. He did a scary good job in his role. I don’t think I’ve seen him before so I don’t know whether he is just good at that type of role or whether he is a strong actor but his performance was something to take note of.

Topher Grace was above average in the cast. I don’t know whether he was just a little bit better at acting, whether his role was a little bit better, or whether he ended up being the only thing remotely close to a hot guy I had left. I could be biased. But whatever the reason I was okay with him.

The rest of the cast just blends together into one big plot device machine. Not a bad thing for the movie, just for their careers.

The story was actually enjoyable. It felt new. It was creative. It was large in a way that let you ignore how stupid it was at times. There was some enticing darkness in the back stories. It could have been really terrible but they put effort into the script and it was pretty decent.

Verdict: This movie is what you expect it to be but well done and engaging enough for your time and money if this movie seems like it is for you. If you are like, some of the elements in preview are not my thing then this movie is not for you. It won’t surprise you by being not what the preview makes it out to be. It’s that movie. Not suitable for all audiences. Know the peeps you are thinking about going with and plan based on their tastes. Don’t take kids.


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