Movie Review: Equals (2015)

How come when I was telling everyone silently in my head through telekinesis that I needed more young pre-final form Beast from X-Men in my life nobody reminded me that IMDB existed and that he was in multiple other movies including this one that came out after I had already forgotten how my type he was? Y’all let me down big time.

This was a solid movie that was tightly written, made me revise my guesses multiple times, and was *through gritted teeth* well cast. You heard me. This futuristic romance of two lovers fighting against…rationalism? efficiency? my dream future utopia? manage the impossible. No, not topple a well-run groupthink best case scenario postapocalyptic societal structure, let’s be reasonable about what two cogs can do. They actually make me care about Kristen Stewart’s character’s feelings. Continue reading


Movie Review: Nerve (2016)

Howdy folks, I’m giving this another go. Most of over half of me hopes nobody actually reads anything I’m writing because it’s scary enough to post something online and the rest of the little bit of me knows that I’m doing this in the least risky way possible under a false name, writing about other peoples’ work, with no consistency or exposure. So here, we go, again, and this time I’m reviewing anything I care to, not just what is new because let’s be honest, my opinion is worth having even if it is two years late 😉

Nerve, aka “Oh, look. I’m not actually dead inside” is my new pushy obsession. As in, the next time it’s my turn to plan a night in for the peeps I’m gonna spin it like board games and a romance but it’s 100% going to be me making them sit in silence, in the dark, unplugged for the whole movie with debate and discussion to follow. You know, fun?

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Dave Franco and Emma Roberts play a popular online game of dare that starts to take a sinister turn”… Continue reading