There is no harm in visiting. I don’t bite. I don’t need to. I will seduce you slowly with words until you never wish to be free. My opinions are my own but they could be yours as well. Come under the dark moon and see the world in a different light.

I’m nothing special, just a small town Midwestern raised girl with a little bit of southern polishing. I have lots of opinions but I’m also very self-conscious. That being said, I tend to have the most courage when I am speaking from my keyboard.

I have strong opinions about many things that I will unabashedly contradict or ignore at my leisure if it means I can do what I want.

Contact me at your will. I welcome all communication: criticisms, words of encouragement, statements of agreement, small talk, questions, rebuttals, scathing critiques, asinine name calling, etc

Email: PrismaJet90@gmail.com

Twitter: PrismaJet90



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