Wearable Technology

If wearable technology is the future the Apple is in trouble. I don’t say this because I dislike the company. I have an iPhone. I throw money at iTunes. I didn’t fight it when Apple decided to own my free time.

Now you may argue that the Internet of Things is the future of humanity. Continue reading


Pilot Review: Legends of Tomorrow

Ooooh I wanted this to be so good. It has Hawkgirl who was my favorite in the old Justice League and I am on board with
the Flash version we are getting. It had Captain Cold, the youngun part of Firestorm, and The Atom who are all super attractive with really enjoyable characters. It has Victor Garber who is enjoyable. It has Sara Continue reading

Movie Review: The 5th Wave (2016)

If you were one of the six people who saw The Host then picture that movie with a better premise and worse exposition and characters and you are good. If not stay tuned.

Spoilers below and not like those times I say spoilers and then decide against them. I can’t talk about this movie without explicit plot details. I will try to avoid the major plot twist that if you don’t see coming this must be your first movie so congrats on that and I promise there are better options for you if you decide to give the medium a second chance. Continue reading