Pilot Review: Legends of Tomorrow

Ooooh I wanted this to be so good. It has Hawkgirl who was my favorite in the old Justice League and I am on board with
the Flash version we are getting. It had Captain Cold, the youngun part of Firestorm, and The Atom who are all super attractive with really enjoyable characters. It has Victor Garber who is enjoyable. It has Sara back in the action which I love because ever since Laurel took over I’ve wished the sisters could be swapped.

It also has other characters like Heat Wave and Hawkman who I very much could do without. Heat Wave makes Captian Cold look less awesome and smart by association and with them as a package team it makes it hard for me to see Captain Cold get the story attention and development I want for him. And Hawkman has rubbed me wrong from minute one but they tied him and Hawkgirl together so it seems like we are stuck with him.

I can even get on board with the time traveling. But there are two things I can’t get behind that may make me tap out of my Hulu subscription to this series.

First, the writing of the pilot is so bland. Maybe they tried too hard to justify each character getting to tag along, and still failed at that, but I was so bored. The best part of the episode was when Cold and White Canary get into a bar fight. My engagement level was almost zero for this episode. It’s great that the lesser utilized characters get their own show but it feels like the lesser writers came with them.

Second, Rory is walking around in a long coat with his little accent thinking he is a Time Lord with his stolen time machine and his breaking time laws and his dragging people along with him on dangerous journeys and it’s just wrong. There are two types of positive, memorable performances. The first is a performance where the actor does a brilliant job but we all acknowledge at the end of the day that the character is just a well done role. The second is a performance where the actor is the character. Rory is the second. Anyone who recognizes him should think of Rory immediately and all the stuff that comes with that role. I can’t split the actor from the character. So whoever made the decision to cast Rory as a rogue time traveler in a stolen time machine was an idiot. This DC world has used Dr. Who alums well in the past (Malcolm Merlin and Sara’s and Laurel’s mother). This is the complete opposite of a well used alum.

Verdict: Even with Arrow and The Flash propping it up this show may fail and it would totally deserve to. It will depend on the fan base if nothing changes on their end. Are we willing to support such offensive mediocrity because of our past experiences in the world? Are we scared that if we don’t support it the CW will stop their involvement in the world and the League and Birds of Prey (which I know nothing about but the internet seems really excited for it) will never come to be? I’ll probably watch it for a few more episodes but I may drop it.


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