Song Suggestions: Round 2

Hello all, I have a few more diddies I would love to share with you. This is what I’m currently jamming out to.

Empire of Our Own by Raign

-I heard this on my recent binge session of seasons one and two of The 100 and it is my current theme song that plays in the back of my world while I do epic things like pressing send on an email or crumbling up a post-it.

Blackout by Kymberley Kennedy

-My new song for when I give up on men and just do me

The Everlasting Guilty Crown by EGOIST

-Upbeat but with some tension.

Again by Yui

-I would karaoke this song hard.

Maji Love 1000% and 2000% by some anime

-Guilty pleasure to the max for me.

Mona Lisa by MBLAQ

-Makes me think of the 98* song.

Alive by Sia

-For when I’m feeling dramatic.

Always On by Death from Above 1979

-They vocals are meh but I’m digging the sound of the track.

Volatile Times by IAMX

-Heard it in How to Get Away With Murder and had to make it mine.

No One’s Here To Sleep by Naughty Boy feat. Bastille

-For some reason the story that plays in my mind when I listen to this song is an angsty romance with a guy running through an airport to meet the girl at arrivals. Not him running to stop her. Him running to see her sooner. So much drama when he could literally see her in a few minutes.

-Upbeat but with some tension. Not in English.


Happy Listening,



p.s. If you are like, I totes def know a song Prisma would like let me know and I will give you my
honest opinion and will only mention it to another person if I approve of it so no song shaming from me 🙂


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