Movie Review: Beyond the Lights (2014)

So, I have to thank the sponsored posts on Twitter for making me aware that this was in fact a movie and that I should go see it. It was definitely worth my time. I could go into the delicious social commentary and weigh in but instead I will just tell you about this movie as an experience and let you decide whether you want to go and discover your own opinions. Continue reading


Movie Review: The Best of Me (2014)

This movie is not going to be winning any awards. There was nothing unique or special about it. But then, it never claimed to be anything but what it was.

This movie was in every way a story based on a Nicholas Sparks book. Now, I haven’t seen The Notebook but it is my understanding that it is the exception and that most Sparks movies do no come close to it. So if you have heard people compare The Best of Me to The Notebook and finding it lacking Continue reading

Movie Review: Big Hero 6 (2014)

Warning: I will be giving major spoilers and you can either read on and deal or run away.

I went to see this movie in the early afternoon. I was thinking cheaper ticket price. I completely forgot it was prime time for children to be at movies aimed at kids. I was slightly worried that I was about to sit through a substanceless jumble of colors. Instead, I got to sit through a very pleasant movie that was actually age appropriate. If anything, I would say that I hope the little kids didn’t understand everything because this move had a few pretty hardcore moments.

First, this is not just a Disney movie but it is also a superhero movie so the main character is not only parentless but also subjected to the trauma of losing the closest person in the world to him pretty dramatically. Continue reading