Your best bets for fun this fall

If you don’t have a bustling social life and do have room in you queue that is.

I have tried out a sampler of new shows that have aired in the past few weeks and will now give my verdict in order of obsession and on a scale of “Please Cancel Immediately and Erase All Film” to “Can You Just Stream this to My Eyes? kthxbye” (0-5)

Selfie: I was looking forward to this and it hasn’t disappointed me. This show is smart social satire packaged for both those who consider themselves jaded enough to get it and those who are watching it because they totes relate and don’t see why Kumar or Harold or whoever keeps giving the best thing to happen to the Doctor a hard time. John Cho in this show is the spirit animal of the woman I wish I was.

Score: 5 (Pilot Review)

A to Z: I did not think I would like this show at all. But I the opposite of hate this show. The lead female is who I want to be in life and the lead male is the part of me I love but hide from others. I also have high hopes for a strong story line because of the theme naming of the episodes and the foreshadowing the narrator gives us. Both things indicate that the writers know exactly where this is going and how it will get there.

Score: 5 (Pilot Review)

Forever: First, an attractive man shows up naked once an episode. Second, the show has a comfortingly familiar MOTD format with an interesting twist. I have felt a void in my life with the cancellation of Lie to Me, the devastation of finding out that Endgame was a one season deal that Hulu baited me with, the ending of House, and the (self)forced abandoning of Bones that should have ended before it became painful. This fills that void.

Score: 4 but I can see this slipping if the writers aren’t inventive enough

Manhattan Love Story: So this show might not last long and it probably shouldn’t. But I love it anyway. It feels nice. I smile every time the lead male finds himself inexplicably drawn to the quirky, nerdy, flirtatiously challenged lead female.

Score: 3.5 but this could rise depending on how many attractive men they throw at me (Pilot Review)

The Flash: Now, I have head that this show takes a few episodes and I hope that is the case. While I like the show so far it lacks both things I require for long-term engagement. It does not have the CW signature male harem, the majority of the men being on the not built side of nerdy. It also lacks a character I identify with. But this show does have two things going for it. One, I am content enough to wait it out for a season. Two, it builds off of the Arrow universe so we know BA men who street fight shirtless exist.

Score: 2.5

Mulaney: I tried, y’all. I watched the second episode. One the plus side, not every joke was directly ripped from his standup special. But the acting is just so bad. And it still feels like standup forced into a Seinfeld remake. I hate pretty much every character and while I think Mulaney is cute I could never date his character because I hate his friends.

Score: 0 (Pilot Review)

Side Note: I have noticed that the lead males in A to Z and Manhattan Love Story are both short visually and I am a heightist. I am having a hard time sexualizing them so here’s to hoping I still like them and their leading females in a few episodes.


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