Your best bets for fun this fall

If you don’t have a bustling social life and do have room in you queue that is.

I have tried out a sampler of new shows that have aired in the past few weeks and will now give my verdict in order of obsession and on a scale of “Please Cancel Immediately and Erase All Film” to “Can You Just Stream this to My Eyes? kthxbye” (0-5)

Selfie: I was looking forward to this and it hasn’t disappointed me. This show is smart social satire packaged for both those who consider themselves jaded enough to get it and those who are watching it because they totes relate and don’t see why Kumar or Harold or whoever keeps giving the best thing to happen to the Doctor a hard time. John Cho in this show is the spirit animal of the woman I wish I was.

Score: 5 (Pilot Review)

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Pilot Review: A to Z

I did not expect much and have been pleasantly surprised. I have an above average positive reaction to episode 1 of this show. The actors work well together and seem fairly talented.

The main couple is delightful. The main supporting cast is diverse and full of potential. There are some trumped up stereotypes, of course, but at least they feel fresh.

I identify with the main female. She is skeptical of love and weary of emotionally driven men. I also identify with the leading man because he and I share a few ridiculous quirks.

The writing is also enjoyable. They pull from a broad frame of reference. Episode 1 contains the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon and Teen Titan jokes.

I don’t know how long this show will be on, there are only 26 letters and we had a romantic kiss already in episode 1, but I am willing to sign on. If you want a show that feels easy and doesn’t promise a complicated web of lovers you might like it.

Heads up though folks, the narrator tells us how long the couple will date. The initial assumption I made was that the relationship ends. But this show has kind of a feel good vibe to it so my money is going to be on them getting married.