Pilot Review: Deception

From the people who brought you every “I have an abnormal approach to crime solving” show who also saw Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2 comes a new show about a disgraced magician who helps the FBI solve the very abundant magic-related cases.

The good:

Well, it’s got a unique angle and I’m not talking about the magic stuff alone. Continue reading


Pilot Review: Life Sentence

Self-aware cancer movie meets non-superhero CW tv show about a well off family that needs to work through their issues and figure out who they are now.

The good:

There are a few healthy examples of communication in relationships. Granted, there are also really bad examples Continue reading

Pilot Review: Backstrom

Holy failure. This show is interesting but has no hope. Let me tell you why.

The good:

Some of the character (Valentine in particular) have amazing potential. If this show was called Stealing Pretty Things and Hitting On Hot Men with Valentine then maybe it could survive.

Sometimes the dark material is strikingly honest.

The bad:

Unfortunately, when I’m not bored by the stereotype of the breaking stereotypes female cop and distracted by the Allstate guy pretending he isn’t selling me car insurance I have to deal with a funny actor proving that just because a character is dynamic and controversial does not mean that that character should have an entire TV show.

With all the character potential the show is still pretty boring and doesn’t create plots that allow the audience to engage with them.

Verdict: Meh, don’t bother. It will be dead soon enough.

Score: 2/5, Valentine 5/5

Pilot Review: Fresh Off the Boat

Ladies and gents, I am pleased to inform you that I have a new half hour show to enjoy and moan about if it gets cancelled.

The good:

This show is well written and since it is based on a book we can laugh at another person’s culture and family issues without feeling like terrible people. The humor is delivered beautifully and the writing is trim in a way that still allows for exploration and social commentary without being heavy, serious, preachy, or boring.

The adults are doing a good job in their roles and the mother in particular is legit as all get out.

The bad:

There is no way the show can have a long run life and keep its light, self-deprecating tone.

The child actors are pretty bad. I mean, sure they are children, but there is no need for them to all be squinting instead of emoting and repeating instead of speaking.

Verdict: Give the show a chance. We’ll see how it evolves and grows into itself.

Score: 4/5

Pilot Review: A to Z

I did not expect much and have been pleasantly surprised. I have an above average positive reaction to episode 1 of this show. The actors work well together and seem fairly talented.

The main couple is delightful. The main supporting cast is diverse and full of potential. There are some trumped up stereotypes, of course, but at least they feel fresh.

I identify with the main female. She is skeptical of love and weary of emotionally driven men. I also identify with the leading man because he and I share a few ridiculous quirks.

The writing is also enjoyable. They pull from a broad frame of reference. Episode 1 contains the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon and Teen Titan jokes.

I don’t know how long this show will be on, there are only 26 letters and we had a romantic kiss already in episode 1, but I am willing to sign on. If you want a show that feels easy and doesn’t promise a complicated web of lovers you might like it.

Heads up though folks, the narrator tells us how long the couple will date. The initial assumption I made was that the relationship ends. But this show has kind of a feel good vibe to it so my money is going to be on them getting married.

Pilot Review: Mulaney

I was excited for this show. I enjoy his standup. And when it started I was like, I guess it’s okay that you are mimicking older comedians.

The story line is lifted straight from his standup except drawn out and weakened. The acting is stiff and reminiscent of a student written comedy sketch.

This show took kind of funny monologues and had mediocre actors stab them to death with overemphasis and practiced gestures.

His endearing awkwardness is super annoying as a leading man. I kept waiting for the scene to end and the real show to start but unfortunately the entire pilot episode felt like a failing SNL skit.

No matter how funny I find his material I cannot support this show. I want it to die soon so he can get back to what he is good at. Don’t waste your time on this show.

I’ll make you a deal, John. You put this show out of its misery and I will not hold it against you.