Pilot Review: Deception

From the people who brought you every “I have an abnormal approach to crime solving” show who also saw Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2 comes a new show about a disgraced magician who helps the FBI solve the very abundant magic-related cases.

The good:

Well, it’s got a unique angle and I’m not talking about the magic stuff alone.

And the cast seems likable, especially the supporting cast.

The bad:

I just can’t with the magic thing. Seriously, if this even lasts a season what happens once they solve the overall problem of catching the mastermind magician? And her entire life’s work just got wrapped up in episode 1 but I bet you we don’t address that much.

This is yet another show revolving around a cookie cutter white guy who is not interesting as a person outside of the whole….magic thing.

I’m not against magic. It’s fun and entertaining and the most specific and forced theme I’ve seen in one of these shows. It worked in the movies because it made sense in a movie format and the cast was delightful. Trying to convince me every week that this is a magic based crime and the solution is a magic based trap is gonna get old -1 episodes ago.

Verdict: If you need filler I guess this isn’t the worst you could go with but I don’t see how it doesn’t get cancelled. It’s not bad, it’s just impossible for me to buy into.

Score: 2/5


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