Pilot Review: Life Sentence

Self-aware cancer movie meets non-superhero CW tv show about a well off family that needs to work through their issues and figure out who they are now.

The good:

There are a few healthy examples of communication in relationships. Granted, there are also really bad examples but those are acknowledged as bad.

The bad:

It’s so bland. Like, I didn’t mind watching it but I can’t for the life of me think of lots of good things to say about it. While the show is stronger than many just in quality it doesn’t have anything special about it. I literally can’t bring myself to care about it. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by intrigue and superheroes and non-humans and murders but my bar has been set so high this just leaves me meh.

Her entire family is a cliché. Oh, the deadbeat brother who sleeps around. The sister who gave up her dreams to have kids. The Divorce. Also, her doctor needs to have some self-respect and not go thirsting after a loser, she should have standards.

Verdict: I mean, I’m gonna watch it for a bit because why not but I won’t hesitate to drop it as soon as it becomes a chore, which I am guessing will be soon, and neither should you.

Score: 2/5


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