My Podcast Universe

So we here at the DMW like to keep in the know about the world. We feel that the best writing comes from a broad frame of reference. While some of us read book others of us have jobs or class and have adapted to the times through consuming podcasts. Not all podcasts are created equal. Here is my list of what I listen to when I want to feel a little bit more smug.

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Movie Review: The Wedding Ringer (2015)

I saw this movie a week ago actually and feel so little about it that I actually considered not reviewing it. But I want the site traffic so here ya go.

The acting was okay but I feel like the main two character had to act down to their scripted roles. This could have been a movie with a meaning. They alluded to that potential a few times when Kevin Hart questioned his choices to be a friend for pay but a true friend to nobody. It could have been a comedy with depth. Unfortunately, that potential wasn’t realized because they were too busy making awful jokes about bestiality.

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