Dark Moon Writers (DMW)

The Dark Moon Writers are a group of women who chose to write under the guise of anonymity to avoid readers using their personal lives as tools for interpretation. Slowly Cerberus hopes to persuade all members to share their work.

Prisma Jet: UndertheDarkMoon.com

-Prisma considers herself to be the ideal unfiltered voice for culture. While she mainly provides color commentary on movies and television shows occasionally she shows a genius for cutting prose.

Birdie Holliday: ProudDandelion.com

-Birdie has studies famous poets and has found many of them lacking. While she writes powerful original poetry she also finds joy in corrupting (or fixing) the work of others as well as satirizing common forms and themes. Birdie has an ear for natural flow, enjoys hidden repetition, abuses consonance, and takes pride in flipping a cliché.

Catsy Kay: CatsyKayRomance.com

-Catsy is a romance novelist who must be brought around. It is the belief of Cerberus that Catsy belongs among the DMW. She has read hundreds of romance novels and has drafts of a few juicy plots herself.

Avery DuMar

-Avery thinks very highly of herself. She scoffs at some of the modern television programming and has a few very good ideas for shows that people can fall in love with and then be unceremoniously cancelled. Currently she is working on a dystopian novel. Cerberus insists Avery is not actually that terrible a person.


The protection entity through which all DMW work is routed. Cerberus is the only one who knows each writer outside their nom de plume and is the final say in the DMW.


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