Movie Review: Mortal Engines (2018)

Now I really want to read the books because people seem to like them and there’s a 0% chance this movie did any sort of justice to them.

Boring girl whose entire character development is finding out why she is important to other people while being amazingly boring teams up with boring guy who would probably have been my jam as a character as a young adult who probably is less boring in the books because he seems smart? to force change on an entire mega city? Maybe?

They fight against boring older guy with a god complex who chose to hurt others instead of making the hard choice to change? And fight with a team of characters that seem to have been boiled down to their one main thing which seems unfortunate because no writer comes up with someone like Anna Fang without some sort of intentional craft and vision that definitely got ignored in this movie.

They jump quickly through complex and amazingly creative places like the auction place and the balloon city and the smaller city on wheels that does not look big enough for the amount of people who game from it and how do all those little cities meet up and trade or whatever because that seemed cool and why were the big cities ever the choice for people when the wall city seems to be working a-okay and again, the balloon city is just kinda a one off or is that more of a thing?

Yeah, I really am just going to read the books because this movie focused on literally nothing cool. Which is what happens when they care more about getting the main couple to kiss after some sort of victory instead of focusing on literally anything interesting. They saw money and but put in absolutely no effort to actually figure out what made the source material good and deserve this movie to be the failure it is.

Verdict: 1/5, I mean, I’m assuming the books are enjoyable because if they were as bad as this movie then why would this movie even be green lit? Don’t watch this. Just, don’t. Take my review and imagine a story with the details I’ve provided instead and it’ll be better immediately.


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