Pilot Review: Backstrom

Holy failure. This show is interesting but has no hope. Let me tell you why.

The good:

Some of the character (Valentine in particular) have amazing potential. If this show was called Stealing Pretty Things and Hitting On Hot Men with Valentine then maybe it could survive.

Sometimes the dark material is strikingly honest.

The bad:

Unfortunately, when I’m not bored by the stereotype of the breaking stereotypes female cop and distracted by the Allstate guy pretending he isn’t selling me car insurance I have to deal with a funny actor proving that just because a character is dynamic and controversial does not mean that that character should have an entire TV show.

With all the character potential the show is still pretty boring and doesn’t create plots that allow the audience to engage with them.

Verdict: Meh, don’t bother. It will be dead soon enough.

Score: 2/5, Valentine 5/5


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