Fall Freshmen Fall off the Lineup

So earlier this viewing season I wrote about the new shows I was giving a chance. It pains me to tell you that all but two got cut. Let’s start off with the good news. Forever was kept so far. The Internet says it will be a long shot to stay next season but it still can fight. The show has done an excellent job keeping me consistently engaged and piquing my interest enough that I keep coming back. The Flash got renewed as well and looks like it could make it since it played on its strength…its sister show Arrow. Although I wasn’t fond of the blatant not even light handed enough to be considered foreshadowing plot twist I loved the use of Felicity. Now here is the bad news. Utopia and Manhattan Love Story were both cancelled and pulled from the lineup. I’m not bowled over at the news. Utopia was cut from two to one episode earlier so we could pretty easily guess where it was headed. And of my three romantic half hour shows I took on this season MLS is the one I don’t mind losing. Unfortunately A-Z and Selfie are not being renewed. They do get to finish out the season to give fans something close to closure but it will never be good enough. My heart is crying. I should have know better than to trust major networks with my feelings. The silver lining. At least Mulaney is going to be gone as well. This show did nothing but make me ask, “How can so many funny people make something so painful to watch?” Then I remember the movie Funny People and I agree to forgive them as long as I don’t have to watch anymore episodes. And apparently Fox agrees with me. They tried surrounding it with some of their best shows on Sunday nights and it still didn’t manage to land an audience. I’m just shocked it took them so long to realize that Family Guy reruns (or whatever they will fill the void with) would outstrip Mulaney in the ratings. So it is with a heavy heart I say goodbye to what I thought was a, mostly, glorious schedule. At least I still have my muscular superheroes! Yours in this painful time, Prisma


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