Movie Review: Beyond the Lights (2014)

So, I have to thank the sponsored posts on Twitter for making me aware that this was in fact a movie and that I should go see it. It was definitely worth my time. I could go into the delicious social commentary and weigh in but instead I will just tell you about this movie as an experience and let you decide whether you want to go and discover your own opinions.

This movie had attractive people who were decent to above average actors. But it could have had made for TV movie acting and still have been a good movie. That’s because the writing was tight. The writers had to have known when they wrote the script that it was worth the effort.

The best thing about the movie is how positive it is. I mean, this is a movie about a troubled girl who tries to commit suicide. And yet the writers believe enough in their story, their characters, and their messages that they let it end positively. They could have copped out easily and gone for a dramatic, tragic ending. But luckily for us they had faith that it was strong enough to end with hope.

That’s not to say the movie was idealistic. It dealt with relationships in a pretty real world way. The writers just hit the right notes at the right time.

One of the few drawbacks for me was the actual music. The female lead, while talented and possessing a nice tone, didn’t sing with the power I thought the role needed. In fact, I believe that if you took away the microphone you wouldn’t hear her in a small concert hall. And the male lead is bad a pretending to be bad at singing.

Another drawback was the plethora of secondary characters. The relationship and exact role of each character was difficult to define. There were a few strong secondary characters, his father and her mother, but the rest just kind of muddled together and actually obscured the roles I did like.

Verdict: Worth watching. Warning, there are some tasteful non-graphic sex scenes. Go with a group that would appreciate thinking a little or just go by yourself. But definitely don’t miss it if you are interested in the least.


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