Movie Review: Not Another Happy Ending (2013)

The only thing better than a cheesy romance is a cheesy romance with sexy accents. Continue reading


Movie Review: Midnight Sun (2018)

Please note that all my opinions on this movie are colored by the fact that it’s based on a short story I read in high school in a book of three short stories called How Do I Love Thee. All three worked hard to incorporate the poem with that line into the relationships. It is an example of peak YA romance before post-apocalyptic themes became a big deal. Now, with further ado, my review.
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Movie Review: Equals (2015)

How come when I was telling everyone silently in my head through telekinesis that I needed more young pre-final form Beast from X-Men in my life nobody reminded me that IMDB existed and that he was in multiple other movies including this one that came out after I had already forgotten how my type he was? Y’all let me down big time.

This was a solid movie that was tightly written, made me revise my guesses multiple times, and was *through gritted teeth* well cast. You heard me. This futuristic romance of two lovers fighting against…rationalism? efficiency? my dream future utopia? manage the impossible. No, not topple a well-run groupthink best case scenario postapocalyptic societal structure, let’s be reasonable about what two cogs can do. They actually make me care about Kristen Stewart’s character’s feelings. Continue reading