Movie Review: Not Another Happy Ending (2013)

The only thing better than a cheesy romance is a cheesy romance with sexy accents.

This is a solid romance in my binge list. It deviates just enough from the normal script that the characters feel a bit fresh and the plot feels a bit different while still delivering on the core promise of the romance genre, I get my hot steamy kiss as true love prevails.

But really, this movie does two things I really appreciate. First, it develops other relationships like with her father. It flushes out the characters a bit so that you see why they don’t immediately mesh. Second, it takes a long time for the main couple to get together. Like, over a year. This isn’t some movie where a bet is made and a marriage happens 15 days later. This gave them a realistic timeline to meet, grow, and make it work.

Karen Gillan is a delight in a wardrobe only she is capable of pulling off. Stanley Weber is a new type of guy I didn’t know I had. There’s also a couple of nice supporting characters that I don’t really remember specifically but they were a net positive.

That doesn’t mean this movie doesn’t leave me with some questions. What publisher forces all the authors to have the same, boring cover? Isn’t that just bad business because it’s like wasting advertising space? What author doesn’t have like six unfinished books lying around? How does she write one at a time? How did they not tempt her terrible boyfriend with a younger girl who loves his work to show her that he’s a terrible boyfriend? Their plan is so much more complex.

Verdict: 4/5 This movie is permanently staying in my queue of romances. It’s good for you if you need an unrealistic reasonable romance.


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