Movie Review: Irreplaceable You (2018)

This movie is why I sometimes just need a warm and fuzzy made-for-tv romance.

I’m struggling to describe my reaction to this movie. It just feels so….millennial? Like, it’s what people thing millennials are and maybe it’s true but I don’t identify with it? While, objectively, the movie is okay, I just don’t like it.

Both main characters are annoyingly self-centered and selfish. Yeah, I know she’s dying. She’s still not an enjoyable character. She forces choices onto him and warbles constantly. He is also annoying with how idealistic he is. I know he loves her and all but their relationship just feels so gooey and pointless.

I know I’m not winning any awards for saying I don’t care about this relationship but I like my romances with a happily ever after. And I know this movie opened with a warning. But at the end of the movie it wasn’t some big personal growth story, it was just two people and their dreams and spending lots of money on a symbol for friends and family they constantly inconvenienced.

What really irks me about the plot is that she pretends to be pragmatic but ruins it.

But hey, loads of people online disagree with me and I have petty reasons for not being a fan so, grain of salt and all.

Verdict: 2/5 Naw fam, I’m not here for this


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