Movie Review: I Feel Pretty (2018)

I don’t feel prettier but maybe for a little bit I felt a bit better about myself. Too bad movies can only do so much. Maybe Amy Schumer can follow me around giving me positive affirmations, like a booster shot.

I’m a fan of this movie. Sure there was some backlash but I take issue with the backlash of telling someone who is tv fat that they aren’t fat. Couldn’t have been easy to have people call you fat and others tell you you’re the problem for claiming to be fat. Mini-rant over.

Normally I don’t like comedians acting in their own comedies but Amy is a magician who did this one right. The movie had the right touch of social commentary woven with fun moments. It didn’t preach too much and it pandered like a movie that knew its audience, me.

The romance was fine. The acting was fine. There was an attractive man. But what really secured a positive feeling from me was her boss. She was were the magic of the moral was. In a world where women get coached to not have vocal fry but also to talk in a lower register but to be careful of tone so they come off as approachable, non-threatening, and still capable we see a story of competence winning the day not because she was a superhuman who could do it all but because she knew her strengths (finding and developing talent) and weaknesses. She’s the real hero of this movie and they don’t take away from that just because they also want a romance and a hot guy and a big moral of the story moment.

Verdict: 4/5 Will binge again. Is this a feminist masterpiece? Nope. Is this hopefully a step in the right direction with multiple really positive examples? Yep. A great movie if you need a confidence boost or just want to feel a bit better.


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