Movie Review: Blockers (2018)

This movie was better than I had expected so I can’t really make a joke about “blocking it from my memory”.

Yes. This movie had plenty of cringe moments. It was pretty darn superficial. And gosh, I wouldn’t call it a good movie. But it wasn’t bad and it really, really, really should have been bad.

The plot is pretty basic and the characters weren’t inspired. What did elevate it a bit was the fact that multiple relationships, romantic and friend, were shown. If our not great movies are open to some of these conversations about sex and identity and are willing to elevate flawed humans instead of relegating them to a one-dimensional role then maybe there is hope that we as a culture are slowly evolving. I’m okay living in a world where a lesbian character is a normal cliché and not a scandalous ploy for shock value or for male appreciation. One step closer to a world where I don’t even notice the inclusion.

The acting is there. You could literally replace the whole cast and I wouldn’t notice. Except for John Cena. OMG guys, John Cena is so multi-talented. He can act too! Except can he though or is that just what we tell ourselves to make it okay that we watch him get paid to act? He seems like a nice man but we can do better. We deserve better than John Cena. Leslie Mann and that guy from The Mindy Show were good but then again they were cast in roles they have perfected themselves for so it’s not like they exceeded expectations.

Verdict: 2/5 If I was gonna re-watch a movie it wouldn’t be this one. Don’t run from it but don’t exert any effort to see this.


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