Movie Review: Love, Simon (2018)

If you thought you knew teen rom-coms then does this movie have somethings to prove to you…..that it’s a teen rom-com is definitely one of them though.

Guys, this movie is just nice. I would say something like, it balances having something to say with normalizing something that should be normal but I’m not really the best person to be talking about the topic of being gay and coming out and everything tied to that. What I am good for it judging romances.

I really enjoyed the inner monologue. I identified with the way a high schooler dealing with crushes and the like was portrayed.

Like most romances the only real issue confronting the characters is the main story. Besides the fact that the main character is gay there’s not really anything special about the plot. But then again, I consume romances like cookies at Christmas so that’s plenty to make me enjoy this movie.

The acting was acceptable. Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel actually did a very nice job as the parents. The rest of the cast felt a little immature in their acting development, especially Kid Flash. Not that it detracted or anything, just know that nobody put in a groundbreaking performance.

Verdict: 4/5 Yeah, I’m buying this. It’s a quality romance binge


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