Movie Review: Midnight Sun (2018)

Please note that all my opinions on this movie are colored by the fact that it’s based on a short story I read in high school in a book of three short stories called How Do I Love Thee. All three worked hard to incorporate the poem with that line into the relationships. It is an example of peak YA romance before post-apocalyptic themes became a big deal. Now, with further ado, my review.

This, was a completely okay-ish movie. Compared to the book it was astronomically better. Which, I mean, a short story vs a flushed out movie, it should take advantage of the room to grow and develop.

The story is, cute. It languished on my bookshelf for a decade before someone decided it could maybe be like The Fault in Our Stars and pulled it out. It’s not but that’s fine. There is a place in the world for water level stories. They made changes to the story for the better and that’s really all they needed to do to clear the low bar I had. If you think this movie was a bit melodramatic, don’t read the book.

The acting is, fine. Like, nobody is winning an award for this and bravo for most of the cast for knowing that coming in. The dad tried a bit more than was required.

I don’t know. I guess maybe I’ve become a bit spoiled when it comes to YA these days. We’ve seen some major improvement and innovation since I was a YA so while this used to be teen angst Prisma’s jam it just doesn’t cut it for me to care that much.

Verdict: 2/5 Don’t pay money for this and don’t choose it over anything but, like, it’s completely fine if it’s on. You don’t need to turn it off.


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