Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL (2015)

Don’t judge me for going to see the stripper movie. I read romance novels in public. I judge myself so much that I’m immune once I face the public.

And I kind of wish this movie was just two hours of hot guys stripping. “Go see an actual show,” you may say. No. I don’t do social things. I don’t have friends to do that with. I draw the line at going to see a male stripper show alone. So I have this movie and the first one which I also saw that will be enough.

The acting was good enough. Do you really care to know anymore? The acting was just fine to get you between shirtless man to shirtless man and really that is all this movie needs. Don’t get greedy.

The dancing was delicious. Okay, maybe Michael Strahan’s number was a little difficult to watch and the not Channing Tatum/Matt Bomer numbers were 50/50 in whether I would suggest fast forwarding through them. The choreography was fine. It was the reason for some of the acts that just had me going, “Blegh, enough! I don’t care about why these men are dancing. Just oil up hot guys and have them gyrate!”

Because that is what this movie insisted it needed for some strange reason. Plot. The first movie did it too. This movie gives you attractive men and then gives them so much back story that you feel almost bad for objectifying them.

On one hand, I’m applauding the fact that the writers saw fit to make the movie about something. They could have easily just made it shallow dialogue connecting dances. They could have rested on the success of the first movie and the fact that they would make money even if the entire movie was nothing but abs. They may have made more money if that had been the case.

Instead, the writers gave their characters depth. There was pain and suffering and growth and hope and love and social issues and…

Just too much. That’s the other hand and the hand I keep agreeing with. I didn’t go see this movie to feel negative things or to think. I came because shirtless Channing. That may make me shallow. That may mean that I don’t deserve to enjoy the movie.

And it is wrong to say I didn’t enjoy the movie. I did. It just wasn’t what I was fully in the mood for.

Verdict: Come on. You know if this movie is for you. And that it isn’t for children. Will I see the movie again? No. Will I watch the good dance numbers over and over and pretend to be the lucky girl in them? Hells yes.


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