Episode Review: Bachelor in Paradise, Week 3

Got a few minutes and want to catch up on the first two episodes of the season? Look at my recaps for episode 1 and episode 2.

What true love parings do we get to see ripped apart from last episode?

  • Lacy chose Marcus.
  • AshLee kept her claws in Graham which is flattering, humbling, and awesome if maybe a little intense to him.
  • Clare got some action from Zack.
  • Michelle stayed with Marquel.
  • Chris agreed to be Elise’s second choice. And now he gets to stick around to rack up his Bachelor universe number for at least one more episode because it’s guys choice this week.
  • Sarah snatched up Robert.

New Arrivals

  • Danielle, Juan Paublo’s Season (I always thought she had a naturally sweet face. Like, if she wasn’t wearing makeup I think we would easily recognize her and think she was just as adorable.)
  • Jackie, Sean’s Season (I was a big fan of her as a person on Sean’s season.)

Date 1

Danielle flat-out says that she doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes and she asks the girls how she should go about picking her date. Michelle is adamant that she should give it to whoever she feels like because everyone would be cool with it. Danielle then picks Marquel. Well, at least Michelle is good at fake smiles.

Marquel finds out that Danielle “knew of him” and is flattered. A big storm rolls in and we almost lost Marquel to a lightning bolt but luckily the only sparks that mattered were those flying between the couple.

Date 2

Elise doesn’t even hesitate to say it will be Chris. But Chris gets injured…from leisuring around the beach…in paradise. Maybe that’s a sign, buddy. But Chris will push through because of her banging body that is super hot. Elise has decided that Chris is her rainbow through the storm that was, apparently, Dylan. She has already convinced herself that she had to give the rose to Dylan first to prove that it was over so that she could start clean with Chris.

Elise says Chris will be so blessed for being so sweet to her. They get two keys for separate rooms and Chris immediately begins his maneuvers to cut their sleeping arrangements in half. But remember ladies, he is such a gentleman.

Pain is the turning point in their relationship, according to Elise, who know knows that Chris is hers forever. As in, he can’t actually run away. Holy psycho.

Date 3

Jackie looks around and picks the one guy who doesn’t have a woman literally holding onto him, Marquel. He isn’t going to win the game playing like this but he keeps the drama alive and for that I thank him. He seems giddy and the most likable I’ve seen him in some time and his kiss with Jackie was cute.

Date 4

AshLee gets her card and makes a beeline for her beau. She is already talking meeting the parents and children. He isn’t even committing to the rose the next night. On the date she tells him that she wouldn’t know what to do if he wasn’t there and that she knows all about him because she follows him through SNS.

They are also given two room keys which Graham seems thrilled about because he doesn’t want to think about forever on their first date.


Michelle is “SOOOOO over Marquel.” She just wants to go give Robert a big kiss. Talk about mixed signals. But I get that maybe she didn’t have a gut reaction until he almost went home. I can’t really blame her for being confused. There is something good to be said for the loyalty and hope she showed by choosing Marquel last episode. And she deserves to be commended for acknowledging her mistake and going for what she wants.

Michelle and Clare decide to have a double date with Robert and Zack to ensure they get roses I mean show their feelings. Clare does the diplomatic thing and tells Sarah upfront about it. Sarah is obviously hurt but doesn’t throw a hissy fit.

Sarah could have ruined it with her pouting instead of flirting. But I can’t help but feel for her. I like her a lot for being so human. She can’t just jump a man and tie him down. The unfortunate reality of this show is that she won’t last long as the pity rose or the spite rose. And she definitely seems to deserve more than that.

Cocktail Party

Graham shows how great a guy he is by wingmanning both his dudes and his gal pals. Robert gets put in a tough place by Michelle when she puts the rose pressure on him right away which probably decided him in the other direction.

While I may not like Marquel that much I do respect that he gives each girl fighting for him equal attention and opportunity to help him decide who he will give the rose to. He is in a bad situation having to choose between the two newbies and he handles it well.

Rose Ceremony

  • Graham and his perfect little pocket square gives his rose to AshLee.
  • Zack commits to Clare who is falling for him fast after how well he handled her emotional moment the night before.
  • Marcus calls Lacy.
  • Marquel in a hideous shirt goes with his gut and picks Jackie.
  • Robert is next (which means you should expect something from Chris since he is one of the “sure” couples but was saved till last) and he takes the path of least drama and stays loyal to Sarah.
  • Chris says some pretty things to Elise but can’t give her the rose because he has decided to go home and instead asks her to go with him. You can see all the other crazy girls thinking, “Wait, my man can just choose to leave with me? This is an option? Does he not love me enough? Does his staying here mean he isn’t committed to me?”
  • Chris does get to give his rose to a girl still and saves Michelle from elimination.
  • That just leaves Danielle alone and hopeless.

Lessons Learned

  • If you want to get to know a guy don’t waste time mulling over all the time you won’t have with him or worrying about the prettier girls that might be in his world.
  • If you are going to say you are okay with something don’t judge people for taking you at your word.
  • If you have a bad reputation and you can’t win go out on a good note.

People Who Cried: Michelle, possibly Sarah

Next week we have a special double night of drama including the much awaited ambulance scene. Night one of week 4 is up now, no dramatic injuries yet and none with the second night of week 4 either.   😦



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