Episode Review: Bachelor in Paradise, Week 6

Don’t skip to the last chapter in this book! Catch up on episodes 1, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, and 5. We start with 6 couples (In order of most real seeming and least real seeming)

  • Marcus and Lacy whom I will be referring to as Macy
  • Sarah and Robert
  • Michelle and Cody
  • Zack and Jackie
  • AshLee and Graham
  • Christy and Tasos

The couples are threatened with a test. They have to have a chat about the real world. Can they survive after the show as a couple? If not then they will have to break up and leave. They split up by gender and start discussing things and Michelle decides that Graham needs to dump AshLee. Michelle runs off to tell him as much and AshLee thinks she is going to talk to him about Cody because her best friend couldn’t possibly have any issues with the perfect couple in the house. Delusional, crazy chick. Graham & AshLee: Graham goes with his gut and decides to break up with AshLee because he doesn’t think they have what it takes to survive in the real world. They had the most time out of every couple in the show to make it work so if it doesn’t feel right to him then he definitely made the right choice. Tasos and Christy: Make the smart choice to split up. Zack and Jackie: Also break up. Then the remaining couples are tested again with an overnight date. Macy had a fairytale night filled with rainbows and hearts and songbirds. Michelle and Cody have a real chat and she decided to be bf/gf. He says some stuff in a cutaway that might come back to haunt him though. Apparently, Robert went to bed in jeans. And that rejection is enough for Sarah to break it off. I doubt he was being a mean guy. They are just two different people who missed each others memos and it is too late to go back. The next next step is couple’s counseling with the three couples still together from the franchise. They serve to tell us that this is all real and not just for show. Final Rose Ceremony: Cody and Michelle say some sappy stuff. Macy got engaged. And I’m just sitting here, a bitter old hag. There was a short “where are they now” segment so I doubt there will be a wrap up episode where s*** goes down. Here’s to season 2!.  


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