Episode Review: Bachelor in Paradise, Week 5

Not the episode you wanted to start with? Here are episodes 1, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2. Enjoy!

It’s ladies choice! What we start with

  • Robert and Sarah as still playing couple.
  • Graham keeps AshLee.
  • Cody picks Michelle and she agrees even though she is slamming on the breaks in their relationship.
  • Macy, or Marcus and Lacy, are going strong.
  • Zack and Jackie pair up.
  • Jesse and Christy remember each other’s names.

New Arrivals

  • Brooks, Des’s Season
  • Tasos, Andi’s Season

Date 1: Marcus gets to “Choose a Lacy” for his date. Marcus has told her that he both loves her and is in love with her but she hasn’t said it back. He’s being a good sport about it and says he just hopes that by the end of the experience she will feel the same. they enter a cave  and go into deeper and deeper water until they are swarmed by bats (if only that wasn’t an overstatement). He at least gets to hear that she is falling in love with him.

Date 2: Brooks, who looks way different, gets to pick a chick. He says he is attracted to Sarah. Robert grabs her for a hug from behind making his arms a literal ex and tells him not to even look in her direction. The guys take him for a rundown and Robert says flat-out, “If you ask her I will kill you.” Apparently there is more there than I thought for him. Sarah, on the other hand, lets us know that he was the one she was hoping to find in paradise. The girl should thank her lucky stars she didn’t get stuck with the guy who did not take his last time in the Bachelor world serious at all and  broke Des’s heart. Brooks was tempted to still pick her but he does honor his friendship with Robert and picks Jackie instead which has Zack regretting a little bit. Brooks and Jackie actually have a normal first date-esque conversation.

Date 3: Tasos looks much better than he did his first time on the show and is giving of a way more hetero vibe. Michelle pushes him right at Christy which is good because the other guys expected Cody to Hulk out and eat him if he chose Michelle. They get to chill in a natural lazy river and get to know each other. Do I think they will be together forever, no. Do I think Tasos is a good person and Christy a decent choice, yes.

Date 4: Zack gets to take Jackie on a date. (The first time I actually hear anything about AshLee is when she gets all huffy about Graham not getting the date card. She apparently actually cried. She then sucks up to Michelle because Graham listens to her. Ugg, I hate her.) Apparently, swimming through dark, bat filled caves is romantic. He compliments her in really honest and real world ways and he gets a kiss by the end.

Side Note: I want to meet the guy who does the music and noises for this show. That cat has a sense of humour that I totally dig.

Drama 1: Michelle does nothing to improve my opinion of her by confiding in Jesse her reservations about Cody. Of course the player is going to tell you to drop him. That’s his role in the show. Honestly, it’s like these kids have never seen a reality show before.

Drama 2: Sarah wants to break up with Robert so she can try for Brooks. Right before she does she finds a cute little love note from Robert who has planned a little alone time on the beach for them. Robert says he wants to explore their relationship in the real world. And it seems that since he is saying all the right things the girl does the smart thing and decides that she is going to give her all to the good thing she has. It isn’t like she isn’t attracted to him or anything. Good job.

Drama 3: Cody has already told Michelle he loves her and wants to take her home to meet his family. Michelle was worried that things were way to fast but Cody says the right things and she is reassured. He says he doesn’t want her to rush and he will let her guide the pace. Hey, the guy listens.

Drama 4: Jesse is a terrible guy. He hooked up with Christy and Lucy and bragged about it. The dude was brought on because he would cause drama. And he did. He just keeps talking and the rest of the guys just keep dismissing  him with their eyes. He says he isn’t here to date a dumb blond and luckily the girls helped Christy dump Jesse in a moment of girl power.

Rose Ceremony: I’m on team Tasos and team Zack but gosh I’m weak for a man like Brooks.

  • Jesse chooses to leave.
  • Macy happens again, duh.
  • AshLee gets her second time to talk this episode and Graham takes the rose.
  • Sarah and Robert are actually becoming a couple.
  • Michelle decides she can handle Cody’s intensity.
  • Christy picks Tasos.
  • Jackie gives her longer connection with Zack the chance it deserves.
  • Which leaves Brooks the odd man out and heading back home.

It’s over for the season people. Read about the lackluster finale here.


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