Movie Review: Neighbors (2014)


I will be the first to admit that I simply adore casting decisions made with the seemingly sole intent of giving me something to look at. I just wish there had been more of it and less gratuitous cameos. I understand the movie is probably not geared towards me as a female but a few more hot guy and a few less people I think have TV shows that air after kids go to sleep could have helped hold my interest.

I was not surprised by the nudity or the language. I find myself too jaded to even wonder who all the over-the-top completely unnecessary scenes were for. Instead, I was surprised that this movie even attempted to develop the characters. I was on board for wasting my time on some slightly humorous forgettable flick. I had worried they would try to make something of the, “That fat boring neighbor could be us in a few years, bro,” vibe occasionally danced around. And they did. With everything but the finale done, all major plot points covered, the resolution completely acknowledged, they tried to make me feel like the two hours of partying and pranks had led to actual personal discovery.

This movie is a prime example of one of my pet peeves. Please, please take these words to heart (especially if you ever plan to write or make anything). NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE DEEP! In this case, the movie could have benefited from less subplot and more shirtless chiseled men.

Verdict: A good way to waste a few hours you were going to waste anyway. But it won’t be life changing. (Unless you really have virgin eyes.)

Social Cues: Watch it with people you would watch the Hangover with.



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