The closest star is not always the brightest

A few years ago a movie called Slumdog Millionaire came out and most people could see nothing else. If art movies have dreams then to keep their integrity while being embraced on the scale of a superhero blockbuster must be one of them. And this movie lived that dream to the detriment of better movies.

Now, I saw Slumdog Millionaire and it was not a bad movie. But it was not the best movie that came out that year. That same year The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Seven Pounds, Milk, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Doubt, and countless other movies came out. I saw a lot of amazing movies. I was stunned into a depressed shell of emotion by many of them and some of the endings still haunt me in a way only a brilliant moment can.

But these movies were overshadowed by the most public star of the cinema. And it is going to happen again. And while the movies from the previous cycle were dark and heavy the movies that are in danger of being obscured this year are warm and powerfully hopeful, potentially an even greater loss to the person who does not view them.

Interstellar might not be an underdog art movie but it is playing the same role. It will probably win awards, awards that other movies should get. This is just a brief plea to please not overlook some of the other stars. Interstellar will not fade for years. Please don’t let amazing movies like The Theory of Everything, Beyond the Lights, Rosewater, and The Hundred Foot Journey dim and faster. I’m not asking you to change what you like. But give less flashy movies a chance if you have the time.

And remember that just because a star is further away doesn’t mean it isn’t worth gazing upon. There is room for the sun and the stars in your life. Find the celestial balance you need.


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