Movie Review: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Oh man, guys. If you know me you know that I can forgive a movie a lot of things if it has sexy men in it and this movie has two stunners. And on top of that, this movie doesn’t need to be forgiven for anything. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie both for the eye candy and the actual video. Now, I’m assuming this is based on an old series or something but I’m just going to go off of the movie since I have no first-hand knowledge of any source material. The movie is good enough to not need a viewer to have previous exposure.

The supporting cast was adequate if not terribly memorable and the main three characters were stellar.

Henry Cavill plays a man after your heart. Think Neal from White Collar but more debonair. And yes, that is possible. Think Caffrey channeling standard spy and looking hotter than Superman.

Armie Hammer’s character is sexy because he isn’t trying to be at all. Sure, he may be playing a KGB stereotype but goodness his sheer manliness and protectiveness and emotionally stuntedness just make you want to show him how to love. Maybe I have some serious issues when it comes to romance but his emotional inability is yum.

But neither of these guys is just a face. Both play great parts with just enough back story to make them real but not so much that it hurts the story. Armie’s character development in particular was nicely woven into the story.

The best part of the acting for me was that  Alicia Vikander was able to stand strong as an equal third of the team. She is attractive of course but she is also strong. She can fix cars. She doesn’t let men dress her. And other things that would be spoilers. Think Jackie O meets just the efficient parts of James Bond. I would totally let this character be a role model for any child I theoretically ever had.

This movie had great characters but it also had an above average everything else. The story is big enough to hold its own in the genre. The clothing is delightful. The film styling is made to look old, it has lighting and filters, but it is done is a way that feels right and adds to the experience which is a nice surprise. The dialogue is up to snuff as well.

Verdict: Just a good time. While there is some violence and an occasional suggestion of sexual congress it is really a pretty clean movie. People who aren’t huge fans of action movies should still enjoy the characters and the dialogue and people who balk at pretty boys should still be able to respect the manly displays of spyness. Safe for dates or family time. It left my theater far too soon so I’m going to have to buy it to share it with everyone in my life.



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