Movie Review: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)

As beautiful and heartless as an ice queen, this movie will be on nobody’s tradition list.

The good: this movie was a beautiful as the Narnia movies were. It had enough whimsy to fit the imagination and theme the story was going for. It also had Misty Copeland dancing in it which was just exquisite.

The rest was, just not worth my brain cells.

The acting was sub par from everyone involved whether I had expectations from them or not. This was like the movie they each had to do in order to do the movie they really wanted to do and put forth no effort. I’m actually surprised I could dislike some of them. I DISLIKED MORGAN FREEMAN FOR GOODNESS SAKE! It feels blasphemous to even type that. Helen Mirren wasn’t great either. Keira Knightley is tied with leading lady Mackenzie Foy for worst character. Keira may win because it felt like she actually tried putting forth a performance. There may have been some salvageable characters but they got lost in the flood of sub par writing and acting.

The script was juvenile which is fine except it failed to deliver any childlike wonder or magic to make up for it. The problem and solution were formulaic. The pacing was rushed. The emotional plea was punted to the side so that we could see more pretty costumes.

Verdict: 1/5 Just poorly done and a waste of your time to think about a moment longer, would make a pretty party theme though


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