On Writing Something Inspired

Inspiration can strike at any moment. We all know the clich├ęs. Like lightning. The perfect idea. Pours out seamlessly. But when it is hours before a deadline and you have little or no actual respect for most of the people your first draft is intended for inspiration tends to be of ever decreasing importance. Inspiration often deserts us and we are left with desperation. Whether it is for a friendly reading, a class, or even a post anonymously online (tehehe) we fear the seconds passing as the pages remain blank.

Let me tell you, DESPERATION CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND. Now some of you might have no clue how something scrawled in the last moments out of desperation can ever be a good thing. You obviously do no use my favorite writer’s weapon: BS.

There are two ways to BS that I favor and I hope in some way they can help you. Continue reading