Why You Should Think Twice About Mind Control

If you are sincerely reading this post then it is likely that you have taken part in the conversation that tends to follow the question, “If you could have any one super power what would it be?” It seems that everyone can pretty easily come up with an answer and many are prepared to enter into a heated debate to defend their choice. I have found that there is more likely than not one person who smugly throws out “mind control” like it is the obvious option for anyone smart enough to think things through.

But that person obviously never considered emotion control. Now I am going to be honest up front. I only considered this power after reading the Twilight series. The vampire Jasper has a version of emotion control. For those of you who have only seen the movies he was the guy who kind of looked constipated and had a southern accent that you didn’t hear until almost the end because he had all of, like, one line in the first movie. Him. But just because you might not like the franchise, or if you do never mind, doesn’t mean she didn’t have a decent imagination. But I digress.

Mind control is not a feasible long-term solution. The idea is that you potentially have control over all actions and thoughts. First, think of how much trouble you have controlling your own thoughts. Can you not think of something once it has been brought to your attention? Do you always think the best thing? Do you find yourself daydreaming and wasting time? Now think of how much trouble you have controlling your actions. Your body language. Your emotional outbursts. Continue reading