The Fault In Our Stars

Just in case you a waiting for me to see and review this move I want to let you know:

I will not be seeing this movie. It looks terrible. If movies were people this would be the try-hard who keeps the class until the bell because they actually have questions when the teacher says, “Unless there are any questions you are free to go.”

They have the same hair color and almost the same haircut and that weirds me out.

I have a feeling about this movie that I have had before about:

  • Precious
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Little Miss Sunshine

I watched those and many others despite my gut feelings and I hated every minute of them (except the Bollywood dance scene at the end). When all I want is an hour or two to escape from the real world these movies suffocate me with heavy, self-satisfied plots. I can see the writers looking at the finished scripts smugly thinking to themselves, “This is amazing. I am so brilliant and deep.”

If you like movies that try their hardest to make you feel bad about humanity, make you regret your life, and make you think that you will become a better person just from understanding the messages in the movie…please feel free to go see it. I won’t judge you for it as long as you don’t consider me an uncultured, mainstream, waste of humanity for staying away from this movie and you until you get over it.