Are Daleks Recyclable?

Dr. Who has writer issues.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are some deliciously big plot ideas that are unique and emotionally destructive. Few people can kill a character like this shows can. Yet, when I step back and look at this series I come away with exactly one question.

When will the Doctor stop saying “last” in reference to the Daleks? Seriously, every time a Dalek shows up the Doctor is massively surprised. What?! But the Daleks are all dead! How is this possible?

I ask a similar question but instead of amazement at the survival of the greatest enemy of the Timelords I wonder at the resurfaced plot. The “Daleks again?!” feeling if you will.

Echoes of this bland recycling can be seen in the reuse of Cybermen and Weeping Angels as well. It’s as if the writer in charge needed a big baddie to end the plot arch and instead of getting creative, in a show that begs for out there creativity, chooses to bring back the familiar until everyone joins me in scoffing at the line “last of”.

But, Prisma, you might say. Sometimes they come in colors which is great for merch.

Shut up.

I don’t mind lazy writing from MOTD style shows but if you are going to be amazing most of the time then put in a little more effort. Either stop it with the Daleks or stop it with the “last of” before we have a bunch of mini Daleks that come in a variety of colors being used unknowingly by humans as portable computer pets and a distraught Doctor sure he has finally killed them all.


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