Movie Review: Mr. Peabody and Sherman (2014)

So here’s the deal. I had to choose between seeing this and The Lego Movie in theaters and I chose the later to much delight. So it is only now that I have gotten around to tracking down this movie and watching it.

It is definitely
a kids movie. Which is kind of nice. For some time every kids movie has had adult appeal and I was worried the industry might have become too jaded. If I ever had responsibility of a kid I would let them watch this movie, encourage it even.

Granted, this movie might be a little bit of a trial for the parents but it isn’t for them. They decided to have kids and this movie is one of the more pleasant sacrifices they should be making.

The beginning is a little slow but it is necessary to set up the unknown characters and concepts. There were not too many characters and each one was on the screen for an appropriate amount of time.

I think this movie was more historically accurate and catholic than many classes I took as a kid. It’s liberal adaptation of events allows children to get the important facts without boring them to death. Now, I’m not saying we replace the history books with this movie but a child probably won’t be any stupider after this movie.

It deals with some important social issues for children, most importantly acceptance of those who are different and liking yourself for who you are. The movie doesn’t slap you in the face with the lessons. It’s uses the proper amount of pressure through the plot and dialogue to drive the concepts home at a children’s level.

Now, I was kind of bored and this movie wasn’t strong enough to cross the age gap. But it did have one thing that kept me from turning it off. Puns. Oh my goodness, the puns. I am a sucker for a good pun and there was a quality pun every few minutes. Enough to make me laugh and stay engaged.

Verdict: This movie is great for a baby sitter’s arsenal. Unless kids young enough are involved there is no point in watching this movie. If you are getting this as a gift then feel pretty safe that the parents won’t hate you afterwards. And this movie is completely child friendly.


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