Song Suggestions: Round 1

If you are looking for a few good songs to add to your playlist you might as well listen to my opinion.

Top of the World by Greek Fire

-This song has lyrics worth listening to and notes that can set my mood for the day to pleasant.


Something to Believe In by Parachute

-This song makes me feel like clapping along like an enthusiastic chorus member.


Immortals by Fall Out Boy

-Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. FOB. When I need to buckle down and focus on a workout though this song comes in handy.


I Just Wanna Run by The Downtown Fiction

-This song is a nice choice when you really don’t want to focus on the song but need something peppy. Also, the music video is amazingly funny to me for some reason.


As Long As You Love Me by Anthem Lights

-Need a song for your newest relationship. Give this sappy, above average song consideration.


Gorecki by Lamb

-Need a song to sit in the dark in your room and brood to. This one has you covered.


Waiting Game by Banks

-This song is pretty but a little bit of a downer.


Happy Listening,



p.s. If you already have these songs or opinions on them…good for you.


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