Movie Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

This will be a short review but I saw it so I will review it.

It’s finally over. This movie was better than expected considering the lack of source material.

There is eye candy, there is awesome fighting, there are amazing battle steeds. Honestly, those were the highlight of this movie. The battle pig was legit. The battle sheep were super cool. And the battle moose was majestic as all get out. Seriously, if I had three wishes one would be for a battle moose, one would be for a situation in which to use my battle moose, and the third would be the skill to successfully live up to fighting with a battle moose.

The major points of the battle were well choreographed. The acting was decent.

But oh my goodness was it long. It was a three hour battle. It will feel more worth it when I marathon all six in a few months.

Verdict: If you have invested the six or 15 hours in the franchise so far then you better just grit your teeth and go see it in the theater. If you haven’t seen the other two Hobbit movies just wait and marathon them.


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