Movie Review: The Longest Ride (2015)

Do I even need to say “spoilers”? How do people review movies with any detail without spoilers?

Saddle up, folks, for another cliché love story from the only person allowed to write sappy cliché love stories apparently. But while it is cliché at least it avoided being crass by avoiding overt innuendos to “riding, long, bulls, mount, etc”.

And the movie is actually pretty decent. If you don’t know anything else about me know this, I don’t mind a cliché one bit if it is entertaining enough that I don’t regret not using the run time to sleep instead. This movie delivered enough value that I was glad to sit through it.

It was a pretty standard “two extremely different worlds” love plot with a judicious helping of the heartbreaking love story of the old man from Up throw in for depth.

We have a main female. She is pretty in a “natural” way. She is popular and is in a sorority that seems to have social success but she is also real because she doesn’t get wasted at the rodeo. She also studies. Like the good female role model we all need. The bar is set so low. We hear all the great lines about her that identify this as a Nicholas Sparks movie. “She’s different.” “She’s not like other girls.” “There’s something about her.” You know, what I wish a hot cowboy would say about me.

We have a main male who drips with charm and class. And bonus ladies, he has been hurt before. Like, literally injured. Physically. But it still counts. Watch what he is willing to sacrifice for love. Man he is pretty.

The rest of the cast was a thing. The acting didn’t make this movie. They were all good for their roles and someone else could have easily done the roles just as well.

Amazingly enough, the cast was fairly age appropriate. They had a mid-20s guy playing a mid-20s guy and a 24-year-old girl playing a 22-year-old girl. Talk about realism.

Are you afraid you will cry because you always cry at these movies? Well, you probably will but then the movie makes up for it and you’ll leave and go buy tickets to the rodeo.

I will politely applaud the plot for having multiple stories without feeling overly long and for giving cliché with a slightly different approach.

People this movie is for:

-Anyone who mildly enjoyed one of the less Nicholas Sparks movies

-Anyone looking for a romantic date movie

-Any single person who likes doing the whole “movie and a tub of ice cream” thing but is watching their weight or wants to have a “fun” night out

Verdict: Some station on TV will play this as a “Girls’ Night In” flick eventually. You don’t have to see it in theaters. But if you need a movie, trust me, you could do a whole lot worse.



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