Episode Review: Bachelorette, Season Kaitlyn, Week 1

We’re back!!!!!!!! I’m reviewing this week pretty late so I’m just going to group both nights together and I’m just going to give color commentary. First, let’s get a few things out-of-the-way. The guys picked Kaitlyn over Britt and I am fine with that. Britt has great initial appeal but Kaitlyn will keep the season from being a soap opera…in theory. But they already told us…Kaitlyn has sex with someone on the season and doesn’t pretend like she didn’t. So buckle up kids.

Let’s meet the men.

Ben H.: goes to Kaitlyn first but has a sponsor child just like Britt

-First impression: diplomatic, well dressed, weak start

Jonathan: goes to Britt first and works it, has a kid

-First impression: smooth

Clint: goes to Britt first

-First impression: meh

Ryan B.: goes to Britt first and calls her Disney Princess

-First impression: cute guy I guess

Jared: goes to Britt first, wore a “Loveman” shirt under his suit…

-First impression: comes off a little shorter/smaller than the other guys but I am almost into him so good job Jared

Kupah: goes to Britt first

-First impression: I don’t know why but I immediately disliked him…I’m trying to keep an open mind with him because of that

Brady: goes to Britt first, is a singer-songwriter

-First impression: is a hotter version of Macklemore and is probably insufferable

Cory: goes to Kaitlyn first but spends more time with Britt

-First impression: meh

Ian: goes to Kaitlyn first and tells her he wants it to be her

-First impression: is balding but pulls it off, I like the confidence

JJ: goes to Britt first and makes a delightful joke about pucking her and hands her a hockey puck

-First impression: “Former investment banker” which seems like a story I want to hear, plus he is cute and funny

Ryan M.: goes to Kaitlyn first

-First impression: funny

Bradley: goes to Kaitlyn first and makes a joke with a tennis racket about a love-love match

-First impression: I’d give me a whirl

Daniel: goes (more like terribly dances) up to Kaitlyn first

-First impression: I’m down with Daniel

Josh: goes to Britt first, is studying for the bar and strips until he passes, says he is surrounded by women but still hasn’t found love

First impression: riiiiight

Joe: goes to Kaitlyn first, brings moonshine and is from a small town in Kentucky

-First impression: good ol southern boy

Justin: brings balloons for Kaitlyn

-First impression: I’m on board

Tanner: goes to Britt first and brough her tissues because she cries so often

-First impression: decent

Shawn B.: asks for a group hug like a genius but tells Kaitlyn that he is here for her and Britt could totally hear

-First impression: yup, I’m okay with him in spite of his trendy pants and socks and hair

David: goes to Kaitlyn first

-First impression: who was David again?

Corey: goes to Kaitlyn first, says a raunchy joke

-First impression: Me gusta

Tony: goes to Britt first but tells the girls the exact same things about love and waiting for this moment for a while

-First impression: he’s a healer…and needs to go away

Shawn E.: goes to Kaitlyn first, shows up in a “carpool” or hot tub car

-First impression: I’m not attracted to him physically right now but the stunt with the car would make me think twice before sending him home

Chris: goes to Kaitlyn first, shows up in a little motorized cupcake, is a dentist, and makes a cheesy joke

-First impression: I’m team Chris the dentist, the dude is awesome, what is wrong with him for him to still be single?

Joshua: goes to Kaitlyn first I think

-First impression: cute

Ben Z.: goes to Britt first

-First impression: nice smile


The drunk one

-Is Ryan M. this year. He harasses the girls, picks fights with the guys, and gets thrown out pretty quickly.

The odd one

-Is Tony. I am trying to figure out whether he had a black eye or not.

The guys

-I’m not overwhelmed by the group but there are some standouts that are good-looking enough with just plain astounding personalities to keep me interested in spite of how many of them have earrings…and I might have to change my feelings about tattoos.


I am going to skip all the little sessions and go straight to the rose ceremony after Britt leaves. But the highlights are: Joshua give her a metal rose he actually welded for her like a strong man with a sensitive side, Jared tells her he voted for Britt but that he is committed to pursuing her, most of the guys who voted for Britt scramble to get in with Kaitlyn, JJ tell her about his kid and wins her over pretty quickly.

Kissing count: Chris the perfect dentist, Shawn B. with the great voice and the looks


Rose Ceremony

-First impression rose: Shawn B.

-First call out: Chris

– Then in this order: Ben H., JJ, Joe, Kupah, Daniel, Ryan B., Joshua, Tony

-Brady takes himself out of the competition and goes in search of Britt, gotta respect the man for that

-The rest of the roses go to in this order: Clint, Corey S. with brown hair, Johnathan, Corey S. with lighter hair, Ben Z., Tanner, Ian, Justin

-Final rose: Jared

-The rejects: Carpool Shawn E., Josh the stripper, David the one I didn’t remember in the first place, Bradley

-Who I would have saved: Bradley


Join me next Monday as I will be live blogging it with a post right after the show.


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