Movie Review: The Age of Adaline (2015)


Okay folks. It’s been awhile. I’m sorry. Work and life and school and people and my brain and let’s just get to the review. (Nobody actually complained that I was gone…I just wanted to pretend to be needed by y’all.)

So, The Age of Adaline could have been a flat movie. Amazingly, it had a little sparkle. I had hopes for it but was trying to keep them low because we all know how this movie could have played. But I liked it and would see it again, maybe not for money but if it came on one night as I was switching through the channels I would definitely consider making it my entertainment.

The acting was better than I expected. I was pleased with it overall. Really, nobody stood out but nobody tanked either. Blake Lively actually managed to channel the character. Normally I think of her as being typecast and I thought this might be the same type of role but there was a refinement, an age that had to be portrayed along with a resignation, a joy, and a sorrow. And she did manage it with a light touch that was very pleasing. Harrison Ford was a little difficult to watch but maybe I am being too hard on him. The romantic interest, Michiel Huisman, is someone I’ve never seen before, but I read his IMDB and I understand that he is a person, but would like to keep seeing. If this is the direction heart-throbs are going then I am all aboard for the ride.

The plot had some obvious twists and turns but then again I didn’t expect this to be the movie that revolutionized the modern story. It was a fine plot with an almost unique feel. And it did one thing that I loved. Instead of trying to explain the aging issue using modern terms and secrets they merely informed us that her situation was due to a principle of science that would not be discovered until sometime in the future. You can’t really argue with future science can you? (I mean you can but if you are going to make science up that is the way to do it in my mind.) I always appreciate a plot that acknowledges their B.S. by walking right past it with confidence and with only a brief, knowing nod.

It was a pretty movie. It was a small world spread across a large area of time and space. There was enough emotion but not so much that it ruined the feel. And the clothing was spot on. If there is a rich patron out there for me please feel free to provide me with a similar wardrobe.

I didn’t really dislike anything about this movie. It had its shortcomings and it’s faults but they didn’t irritate me enough for me to rant about them on here.

Verdict: A nice movie and maybe easier to stomach on a date than a Nicholas Sparks flick. It doesn’t need to be seen in theaters but it would work as a thing if you wanted to go out and do a thing, even with other people.

Audience: Someone looking for a tranquil movie with a positive but not blindingly glowing ending. Good for seeing with friends or you could take your mom. There are suggestive scenes so watch the younglings (this is what WordPress suggested instead of youngins). This is not a bro movie.


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