Pilot Review: Stitchers

Okay, before we go forward I will admit one thing. I know a little bit about neuroscience. And by a little I mean definitely enough to get all of the arguments against this show from a science point of view. So to the mythical followers in my mind that are planning to argue science with me, don’t bother. I get it. We’re good. I still like this show.

I like the cast.

The lead female is attractive in a non-distracting way. She has quirks but in a fresh way. She has some potential for growth and is a great catalyst for plot.

The lead male is almost attractive in a satisfying way. He has a little intrigue and some back story to discover but he is also just fun to listen to as he speed talks his way through fake science.

The supporting cast is brilliant.

First: CLAUDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I know. I IMDBed her and was like…WAAAAA? But OMG it’s Claudia playing a BA with good lines, great facial expressions, and a name that starts with a C. Yes, yes, yeeeeeesh. Sorry. She just, deserves to be on TV and deserves to find TV love and deserves to be loved by the audience. I have a big girl crush on her.

Then: adorable (Indian?) guy. I’m into this guy. If he is like his character is in real life then all he has to do is message me and I’ll come running. This is definitely my type maybe with a little more backbone. He’s going to be good for something and if that something is a token sacrifice for feels then I will mourn him and keep his flame alive in my heart.

The plot is pretty standard MOTD with something bigger slowly developing. It’s nothing super unique or special and they wrote themselves into a corner already so I don’t see this show surviving more than 2-3 seasons if it gets the chance. But hey, it’s an enjoyable story with good characters so I will take what I can get.

Verdict: Check it out if you need something to add. Don’t sacrifice for it but if it works into your schedule or recording schedule I would suggest giving it the benefit of a few episodes. I enjoy it. It reminds me of Bones before Bones found its stride and before Bones limped towards the death it refused to acknowledge it needed.

Score 3.5/5


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