Movie Review: Aloha (2015)

Okay guys, I’m disappointed that y’all didn’t make this movie a success. I assume it wasn’t since I looked at times in my theater for the second weekend and it was gone. I had to travel across town to see it. And I am glad I did.

This movie worked for me. Sure, there were some strange parts but they were strange in a human way not strange in an obvious plot device or stupid thing a director got hung up on way.

The acting was nice. This movie took a group of actors not know for their tight, quality performances and gave us a solid cast.

Bradley Cooper was enjoyable in a way he rarely is. Normally I go for the guy because of his body and eyes and smile and possible shirtless scenes. This movie managed to tone down his ability to flirt with the entire audience and focused it on a great costar. He wasn’t big time actor man in this movie. He was just the character and it was enough.

Emma Stone was a little more herself playing a character than just the character but I love Emma so I can’t fault her for letting herself bleed through the script. And it didn’t hurt the story. She had great chemistry with the cast and managed a youth and vulnerability that I don’t normally think of with the bombshell.

Rachel McAdams and John Krasinski were probably my favorite part of the movie. She felt real and honest. He was eloquent and versatile in a character that could have been constricting and limited and boring. They just worked for me as independent people and as a couple.

I was less thrilled with Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin. I think they are good at big characters with large emotions but I think that instead of finding a way to play their emotions within the feel of the movie they just did what they always do and set themselves apart from the rest of the cast in their scenes, and not in a good way. They weren’t bad but when the rest of the cast did so well their seeming lack of growth as actors was a disappointment.

The plot did what it needed to. It hinted at bigger meaning but seemed to realize that the only way to be grandiose with its message would have been to ram it down our throats and decided against being that heavy handed. This movie didn’t need a big point or a big message. It didn’t need grand purpose or learning lessons. It worked as a story about people in a world much bigger than their small scope.

The movie felt sepia to me but I didn’t mind it. I may just be remembering it incorrectly but my memory is of a lighting/coloring choice being made. This is a time when setting and lighting and editing were done well and the tone was set with appropriate pressure.

Verdict: This movie was just a nice little flick. It wasn’t too heavy and it wasn’t too light. It would make a decent date movie or an afternoon out with friends or a compromise for family time know…be brave and go alone and give yourself a little mental vacation.



  1. I was planning to make my own movie review of Aloha but then I ended up stumbling upon yours. I loved the movie. Not only because of the actors who played it but also because…just like what you said, it was a nice movie. Not too heavy, not too light. And I couldn’t agree more, the movie is too dark aesthetically which may make other viewers who are into colorful shows dislike it.


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