Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

Who comes to a review and doesn’t expect spoilers…

I found the last movie above average. I was pleased with the music, happy with the acting, and content with the plot. My reaction to the sequel was a more watery version of this.

The music was..okay. It was almost…too pretty. For example, there is a grit to My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark that is missing in this (and every) a cappella version. I guess I shouldn’t have expected music with magic from a movie about a vocal group losing their sound and compensating for boring music with flash. I won’t be buying the soundtrack though. Not even a Disney Channel original star level original song can tempt me to pay real money for heartless, formulaic, flat, pandering music. The movie could have had some good secondary vocal groups, they had at least two Sing-Off darlings guesting, but instead we got angry Germans with no uumph. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t sparkle like the first movie.

The acting was the same. It didn’t play as well to me but I think that is because the newness of the characters wore off. In the first movie we got a moody cool girl, a sarcastic fat girl, a butch lesbian, a hypersexual girl, an over-the-top blond, and a few other adjective people. In this movie we got those exact same characters except they pretended they were growing as people. I think the cast and the writers noticed that the static characters that elicited laughs and appreciation in the first movie would be stale in the second but unfortunately they were written into a corner without organic growth options. I can’t really blame the actors. They did their characters justice. There was just no real hope.

The plot was obvious. I don’t mind an obvious plot. It was big enough to keep my attention. It was funny enough that I got my money’s worth of laughs. The awkward character development was acceptable.

Don’t get me wrong. This movie is not bad. It just isn’t all that.

Verdict: Go see it with people or watch it for free when it eventually comes on TV. Don’t avoid it but put in minimal effort to see it. If you liked the humor in the first one you’ll be fine with this one.


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