Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)

I am pretty sure I liked this more than the 2nd and I didn’t mind the 2nd one. But Prisma, you may bemoan, I’ve always thought of you as a connoisseur of culture and now I’m going to hear a glowing review of this idol of empty capitalism? Whatever, calm down, it’s not good enough to get all artsy hoity-toity over.

I frequently make fun of myself for laughs so I appreciate it when a movie does the same for my benefit. Where are some of the actors from the other movies? Meh, somewhere over there. Are we really Continue reading


Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

Who comes to a review and doesn’t expect spoilers…

I found the last movie above average. I was pleased with the music, happy with the acting, and content with the plot. My reaction to the sequel was a more watery version of this.

The music was..okay. It was almost…too pretty. For example, there is a grit to My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark that is missing in this (and every) a cappella version. I guess I shouldn’t have expected music with magic from a movie about a vocal group losing their sound and compensating for boring music with flash. I won’t be buying the soundtrack though. Not even a Disney Channel original star level original song can tempt me to pay real money for heartless, formulaic, flat, pandering music. The movie could have had some good secondary vocal groups, they had at least two Sing-Off darlings guesting, but instead Continue reading